The convenient Bride

Chapter 27: Dirty Tricks


"Sweetheart, I can support our family, so you don't have to work. You can just be my wife and enjoy your life. Isn't this what you dream of?"


Yunis put her in his arms, gently comforting and persuading.


But Rorey pushed him away and said in anger. "No, I've changed my mind. I'll make every effort to get back to the showbiz. l

won't leave as they wish. l want to become the best actress and the top star. Someday, I'Il trample over Rosiley, the bitch, and then I will insult her, crack her down as hard as I can."


"“Rorey, you're pregnant. Dorrt be so emotional." Yunis said with a cold look. He had never seen Rorey swearing like this.


Rorey realized she had overreacted and immediately started sobbing in a sad voice.


"Honey, though l will be your wife and our baby's mother, l still want to have my own career. Because Ì want to be good enough to deserve you, other than a housewife staying at home. And I hate to lose out to Rosiley since Ì want everyone to know that you are right to choose me over Rosiley. lf I step back, I will be lòoked down upon, and so will you. Is the shame what you expect for?”


Hearing the reasonable and affectionate words, Yunis started to understand her pain and even blamed himself for not thinking enough for her.


And that was what Rorey was good at, always saying the proper words at the right time. And Yunis was always moved by her.


As he enjoyed her sweet words, Rorey took the chance and spilled out her trouble.