The convenient Bride

Chapter 22: Don't Hurt Her


After a while, Rosiley entered Lina's office.


"Manager, are you looking for me?"


"Yes. Do you know why?" Lina looked at her with sharp eyes. Her voice was daunting.


Rosiley had respected and admired Lina because she not only showed excellent capacity in work but also was good at management.


Everyone would admire crackerjacks, right? Besides, Lina had promoted her several times.


"I don't know. Please tell me." Rosiley shook her head and looked at Lina calmly and sincerely.


"Rosiley, although I appreciate your work, I don't hope your personal life will affect work. Did you see the reporters downstairs? They have affected your colleagues and their work. You made the trouble, so you have to solve it. Anyway, when we get off work, I want them already gone. Understand?”


Linas voice was loud and her expression was stern, which added more majesty on her good-looking face.


Now Rosiley khew why she was here.


She didn't go outside for news gathering today, so she wasn't aware that a large number of reporters were gathering downstairs.