The convenient Bride

Chapter 22: Don't Hurt Her


After a while, Rosiley entered Lina's office.


"Manager, are you looking for me?"


"Yes. Do you know why?" Lina looked at her with sharp eyes. Her voice was daunting.


Rosiley had respected and admired Lina because she not only showed excellent capacity in work but also was good at management.


Everyone would admire crackerjacks, right? Besides, Lina had promoted her several times.


"I don't know. Please tell me." Rosiley shook her head and looked at Lina calmly and sincerely.


"Rosiley, although I appreciate your work, I don't hope your personal life will affect work. Did you see the reporters downstairs? They have affected your colleagues and their work. You made the trouble, so you have to solve it. Anyway, when we get off work, I want them already gone. Understand?”


Linas voice was loud and her expression was stern, which added more majesty on her good-looking face.


Now Rosiley khew why she was here.


She didn't go outside for news gathering today, so she wasn't aware that a large number of reporters were gathering downstairs.


so she was


she didn't find any excuse but replied directly, 'Manager, don worry.


can leave now. But remember, you're excellent. don't ruin your career


softer and her words


froze for a moment but soon she got her point. She supposed Lina had read the news in the morning and was telling


you, Manager. Ì agree


at Lina and left


office. lt was comfy to talk with smart people. Without being too frank, she could get the point with just a hint. That also was why she


went downstairs without hesitation,


reporters could only wait outside. When she showed up at the gate, what she saw first was reporters


the bottled water she bought previously to them, "Take the water please. Don't stay in the dazzling sunshine here. lt

of expectation. Nobody had expected she would appear in person, so none of


Rosiley!" Soon tens of reporters


Gu? The rumour said that


said you stepped in their relationship and wanted to snatch your sister s fiancé. What do you


unprecedented sensation and made you famous now. ls it the strategy of your company? Do you plan to enter the


public opinion and even taking a


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