The convenient Bride

Chapter 23: You Will be a Good Wife


The reporters left and a few seconds later, Rosiley's interview video was posted online, causing another round of heated discussion.


The reporters analyzed her speaking word by word, and finally came to a conclusion that Rorey stole Yunis, Rosileys childhood sweetheart and made him abandon her. But Rosiley not only held no grudges but also defended them and begged the netizen not to hurt them.


The netizen were moved by Rosiley. Many people thought Rosiley was such a kind and sweet girl. She was the heart-broken victim yet still generous to forgive and even defend them.


However, some people thought that Rosiley was actually scheming. She was just pretending to be the victim. Her speech seemed to be defending them, but iÍ you thought twice, you would know she was telling the public that they had hurt her.


But on the whole, most people choose to stand by Rosiley and Yuniss attempts to counterattack had failed.


The cursing and abusing once again headed towards Rorey like a violent storm.


Yayoi was overwhelmed with joy while reading online comments.


"Rosiley, you really impressed me this time. You were so clever when dealing with reporters. They helped you teach Rorey a good lesson without knowing it!"


Rosiley blinked her eyes innocently, "What do you mean? I did nothing but just repeated what Rorey said.'


"Come on! You carrt fool me." Yayo¡i patted Rosiley on her shoulder, 'l am glad to see you fighting back. When you were with Yunis, you were such an obedient little girl. Yunis probably never imagined that you would fight back against him ruthlessly!"


At this moment, Rosiley's phone rang. She took a glance and couldn't help smiling, 'Hello——”


"l saw the news." Sachins sexy voice came from the phone.