The convenient Bride

Chapter 21: Lonny's Trick


When the news was heating up, the Ji Group finally took action.


The comments on Twitter were no longer favoring Rosiley. Some netizen criticized Rosiley for paying and manipulating the public opinion in order to make her seemingly vulnerable and get sympathy. She was accused of being scheming.


Others said that Rosiley pretended to be bullied. Because nearly all news was against Rorey and Yunis and she was purely innocent. There must be something tricky.


Some netizen searched her background, pointing out that she was the real daughter of the Tang Group. She must have taken advantage of the power of the Tang Group to build hype for her against her sister.


AIl these opinions soon aroused more discussion among many netizen.


But this time fewer people stood on Rosileys side.


Even those who had supported her before were influenced by these suspicion and began to wave their positions.


"Rorey and Yunis, the two bitches finally took action!" Yayoi made a comment after scrolling down all these comments.


Rosiley smiled as she had expected it, saying, “Their action is so soon."