The convenient Bride

Chapter 313: They Are True Love

Why didn't you say anything then?


There seemed to be an edge to it. Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "You're angry, aren't you?"


She looked somewhat aggrieved. Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly and curled up his lips, "Aren't you the same?"


Rosiley curled her lips and admitted frankly, "I am.”


Sachin nodded. "So am I, then."


Rosiley was at a loss for words.


Frustration hit her suddenly, which convinced her that she was making it worse by getting mad herself.


She let out a heavy sigh and looked at Sachin seriously as she said in the same earnest tone, "Bertram and I are just friends."


Sachin stared at her without saying a word.


His eyes were too dark for her to read his thoughts.


After a long stretch of silence, he finally opened his mouth and spat two simple words—


"l know."


So? He said he knew. He didn't misunderstand her and Bertram, nor did he not believe her. But why was he angry?


She couldn't understand.


Perhaps noting her confusion, Sachin continued, "It's not that I don't believe you. The one I don't believe is Bertram.”


"Huh?" Rosiley was even more confused.


Why didn't he believe Bertram?


Sachin leaned back into the sofa, his hands crossing in front of his chest. His heavy gaze fell on her confused face, and the 

corner of his lips slowly curled up, "He likes you."


After a short moment of surprise, Rosiley came to her senses and asked tentatively, "Are you afraid that he would do 

something to me?"