The convenient Bride

Chapter 314: Become Popular with More Haters

Yayoi found Juliet's words funny and teased Juliet, “Come on. You cannot protect your idol’s image by doing this. Based on the previous experience, the idol's reputation would be undermined as long as his or her fans start fighting against each other.”


"I know that. That's why I chose to be rational.” Juliet pursed her lips and forced a fake smile. Then she rolled her eyes at Yayoi and became impatient.


Yayoi didn't care about it and smiled. Then she pointed at the two statements on the computer screen, "Now the clarification statements have been published. You can do nothing about the netizens’ ideas. At least, we are out of the woods now. A clean hand needs no washing.”


Rosiley smiled, "Indeed. I've never taken it as a big deal. The entertainment industry is complex. There is news every day. 

Perhaps the scandal about Bertram and me will soon be overshadowed by some news that is more groundbreaking.’


Rosiley was very optimistic about what had happened.


Upon hearing that, Juliet couldn't help but laugh. She shook her head and said, "To be honest, no one will be more optimistic about this than you.’


If things happened to her or Yayoi, they would be much troubled and desperate to kill that paparazzi.


‘Oh yes, that paparazzi!’ Juliet immediately remembered.


"Rosiley, do you know which agency does that paparazzi work for?” Juliet asked.


Rosiley shook her head, "No."


Juliet frowned, “Rosiley, whom do you think the paparazzi goes for? You or Bertram?”


She remembered Rorey was also was present at the charity banquet that night.


Rorey came with Manuel Song, president of Lake Entertainment Group. Everyone knew what it implied.


If Rorey was to return to the entertainment industry, Rosiley must be one of her targets. Perhaps this scandal was planned by Rorey.


Rosiley found Juliet's question funny. "Who do you think I am? I'm not any celebrity or famous star. I'm not worth the attention of the paparazzi."


Juliet frowned, because she believed the event was not as simple as it appeared.