The convenient Bride

Chapter 312: You Don't Believe Me?

Getting more and more worried, Rosiley played the voice message Juliet sent to her.


"Rosiley, something serious happened. Why aren't you answering the phone? You're killing me!"


Juliet sounded anxious and upset. Rosiley's frowned deepened.


"Rosiley, your affair with Bertram is spreading on the Internet. It's said that you were having a date in the car at night. There are videos and photos. What happened?"


Affair? With Bertram? Date in the car?


Rosiley's eyes widened in shock.


‘It can't be that, can it?’


She just went downstairs to meet Bertram. And then not only was she photographed, but she also left sources for those paparazzi?


Rosiley didn't know whether to laugh or cry at such nonsense.


So it must be the reason why Payton and Maddox had been in such a hurry.


Rosiley couldn't help but laugh out loud. She looked up inadvertently and found Sachin standing at the bathroom door.


She froze instantly. The two looked at each other quietly.


The room fell into a deathly silence.


After a long stretch, Rosiley managed to force a smile and asked tentatively, “Sachin, did you hear it?”


Instead of answering her, he just stared at her significantly.


She bit her lip, wanting to explain, but she didn't know where to start.


In the end, she could only sigh softly and say calmly, "It’s not true.”


Sachin stared at her for a while before saying softly, "Come down after the shower.’