Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 234 Her Heart Is Dead

There was only one true love in a person's life. No matter how affectionate the love was, it would not hurt any more.

"Michelle, it's been so many years. Do you know I feel pain? Emily and Walter miss you too. Do you really have the heart to leave them behind? "

At the moment, Scott had no choice but to use Emily and Walter as excuses, because he knew that these two people were also very important to Michelle. Especially Emily, they had been friends for many years.


Michelle interrupted him coldly and frowned. Obviously, she was impatient.

Scott's heart ached. He looked at her in pain and said, "you hate me, don't you? You can hate me, you can't forgive me, you can kill me. But I don't allow you to treat me in such a strange way, Michelle! "

"Scott, we can't go back. I fell in love with someone else, really. Since you love me, please let me go. " Michelle knew that it was her bad attitude just now, so she lowered her tone again.

But Scott didn't listen to her at all.

"Michelle, don't lie to me anymore. I know you still love me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come back to take this diamond ring."

Only then did Michelle realize that the diamond ring had been returned to his hand. She had been worried that the ring might have been taken away by the receptionist, but when she heard the news, she was relieved.

Without saying a word, she turned around, opened the door and was about to get off.

She hoped this was the last time they met. If it happened again, she was really not sure if she would kill him.

She always remembered her mother's death. Even if she loved him, so what? Hatred often exceeded love. If she hadn't lost her sight, she would have stabbed him in the heart with a knife.

Two years ago, he was lucky, but now, if she did it in person, he might not be able to live.

"Michelle, you can't repeat the same mistake. He is your enemy."

Walking on the street, Michelle warned herself that she was almost tempted just now. She couldn't see, but she could hear his anxious and heartbroken voice.

At this time, Frank slowly parked the car beside her. He opened the door and walked over to hold her.

"Michelle, let's go home."

"Frank, I'm hungry." Michelle didn't want to go home now. She wanted to eat something nearby. In fact, she was not really hungry, but didn't want to go home so soon.

Knowing that she was a foodie, Frank smiled at her and said, "Okay, let's go. But what do you want to eat? "