Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 235 Marriage

Lying on the bed, Michelle looked ahead with empty eyes, as if something had been hollowed out.

After staying in A City for a week, at the urging of Jared, Scott had no choice but to return to C City.


After getting off the plane, Scott went straight to the old house of the Jiang family, because Jared said there was something important.

When he opened the door in front of him, Scott saw the two people sitting on the sofa. He frowned and walked over with heavy steps.

He looked at Jared and greeted.

"Long time no see, Scott." The woman who was sitting next to Jared stood up and greeted Scott in a soft voice. Originally, Scott hadn't noticed her, but now when he looked at her, he was shocked.

Isn't this woman Uncle Mike's daughter, Monica?

Didn't she go abroad? Why did she come back at this time and appear in the old house of the Jiang family. Scott seemed to have guessed something.

"Miss. Monica, long time no see."

He also greeted politely and sat on the sofa on the other side under the guidance of Jared. Monica was sitting opposite him. Scott couldn't help looking at her and found that this woman had indeed changed a lot in the past two years.

In terms of clothes and behavior, she was different from the lady of the Wang family he knew before. How should he describe it? He always felt that her dressing style was very similar to Michelle's.

Jared took a look at the two of them, and then said with a smile, "Scott, I invite Monica here this time mainly to discuss your marriage."

"What?" Hearing the news, Scott jumped up from the sofa in an instant. He stared at his father with disbelief.

Why? Didn't Jared say that he wouldn't control his marriage? He agreed that he could be with Michelle, but why did he do that?


Scott wanted to say something, but Jared refused to give him any chance. How could Jared not know what his son was thinking? But Michelle had died two years ago. Now, he was 27 years old. If he didn't get married and have children, he would become an old man.

As a father, he had to think about his son's future happiness.