Telling Lies, loving you

Chapter 233 Let Me Go

"For me, darkness may be very terrible at the beginning, but after I gradually adapted to it, I found that darkness is also actually a world. But in the world, there was only one color. I like this color for a long time. "

"Michelle..." Frank became more and more sad. If it weren't for him and the car accident, she wouldn't have been like this.

Michelle smiled bitterly, stood up and left the room. At this moment, all she wanted was to breathe fresh air outside.

She wanted to go shopping, go to work and live alone. However, with her current condition, she was not allowed at all. Later she found that she really couldn't forget the position of Scott in her heart.

"I want to go out for a while. Can you drive me to the mall?"

After entering the room, Michelle took a set of clothes from the wardrobe. She couldn't see the color, so she had to put them on randomly. Fortunately, it was summer now. She only needed to wear a dress. Every winter, in fact, was the hardest season for her. She wore too many clothes, which sometimes would lead to her wearing the wrong clothes. So every winter, Frank would arrange a servant to help her in her room.

The driver felt helpless at Michelle's request.

"Mr. Frank will also agree. Please take me there. I have something important to deal with." Michelle knew that all family members were obedient to Frank, so they wouldn't take her words seriously.

But Frank would not stop her.

The driver had no choice but to agree since Michelle had already mentioned Frank.

After sending Michelle to the shopping mall, the driver stopped the car at the roadside and waited for her.

"No, thanks. Just go home. I can go back alone. I may have to walk for a long time." Hearing no sound from the car behind, Michelle stopped and turned to the person behind her.

The driver didn't want to stay here in the first place, and with what Michelle said, he started the car quickly and left. Hearing the sound of the car leaving, Michelle walked into the shopping mall.

Last time she came here, and she was familiar with the road.

She didn't worry that anything would go wrong with the help of the blind stick. Following the way in her mind, Michelle found the counter again. Judging from the voice of the counter, she knew that the receptionist had changed.

"Excuse me, where was that lady last time?" She stood at the edge of the counter and asked politely.

Obviously, this lady was not as kind as the last one. Perhaps it was because of her clothes that people thought she had no money to buy these jewelry.

"I don't know." The woman said impatiently.

Michelle left sensibly, because she knew that she was no longer welcomed here. She was now on the second floor. It was easy to go upstairs and difficult to go downstairs. Michelle was most afraid of going downstairs.