Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 52 Must make him like you

“He bullies me every day, granny, you must help me.” Emily pushed grandma and looked at Hunter, “He even ganged up with others to bully me”

“Scoundrel!" Of course, grandma knew that they were joking but she had to play along and scold the rascal.

“You better not bully Emily, otherwise, I'll come for you!”

Hunter has always been indifferent but in front of grandma, he had to warm up some.

“She is the apple of your eye, how do I dare to bully her?”

No one knew how much Master Jackson said was true or otherwise but what was certain was grandma's affection towards Emily.

How did this girl get grandma to like her to sụch an extent?

The scene was an eyesore to the rest of the woman folk of the family.

“Brother, you re back.ˆ A twenty-plus-year-old lady walked over excitedly but remained polite.

“Brother, are you very busy recently? You don't even come back to see us. Are you busy with the launch of the new product?”

Though Emily knew the fourth daughter of the .Jacksons, Tabby, she hadrit knows them well.

The sixth sister, Snowy also walked quickly over, staring at Hunter.

“Big brother, will you be spending the night? We’re having a party tonight, a lot of my classmates want to meet you.”

She came with a task. She had to keep him stay tonight.

Her friends love her brother and gave her all sorts of expensive gifts, just for the chance to meet him once.

Tonight is the best opportunity.

Hunter didn't say anything and was calm, no one was able to guess his thoughts. Did he agree or not?

“Brother, my friends are here too, I'll introduce them to you.”