Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 51 Who doesn't know how to act?

Emily called .Joe as soon as she woke up.

“Sally's alright, she's awake and having some porridge. The doctor said that she can go home once she calms down. She is really fine, don worry."

Joe sounded concerned, “Emily, how's the situation between you and Master Jackson? Is he making things difficult for you?”

“No, he slept as soon as he came back... No, that I meant was I slept by myself when I came back.”

Emily sighed, why did it seem that she kept digging a hole for herself?

“Of course you slept alone, do you still expect Master Jackson to sleep with you? Who doesn't know that it's a contractual arrangement between you two?”

Joe was laughing and wasn't afraid of offending her.

Damm it! Was she that awful?

Emily wished that she could give him a flying kick! But when she thought of it, it would be a miracle if the high and mighty Master dJackson would take notice of her with her usual appearance.

Not to mention him desiring to sleep with her.

She was ugly.

She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror after the call.

Pink lips with white teeth and a natural face. Isn't she beautiful?

But she was well aware that she ÏÌ soon be ugly.

After she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she started to put on her makeup.

In her previous life, she was harmed for a long time by those women of the .Jackson family after she revealed her natural looks.

Wasrrt she still an ugly girl during this life? Why was she already being framed?

Only people of the Jackson family will be protected by Master Jackson. Who wanted to harm her before she even became part of the family?"

“Missus, Master Jackson is waiting for you. Today you need to go back to visit the grandparents."

The servant kept knocking on her door.