Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 53 Be Abandoned just after Two Days


The two only walked in the yard for a while, Patriarch Jackson came to ask for Matriarch.

With Matriarch's current health condition, it was indeed not appropriate to spend too much time outside.

She should go back to rest after she came out for a while.

Hunter came out with Patriarch Jackson.

Therefore, after Patriarch Jackson and the servant pushed Matriarch back, only Hunter and Emily were left in the yard.

Matriarch's words still lingered in Emily's ears, 'Be sure to make Hunter like you...'

How hard could it be to make this cold-blooded man like her?

In her past life, she spent all her life trying to pursue his so-called love, but at the moment of death, she still couldn't reach it.

What was destined to be fruitless, why bother to try it again?

The two people walked on the garden path, very slowly. They seemed to walk side by side, but they were speechless.

Several times, Emily wanted to take a peek at him, but every time she wanted to raise her head, she forced herself not to.

He made it very clear last night, their relationship was just an agreement.

Since it was just an agreement, it was enough to be close when someone was there. lf she tried to get close to him without anyone watching, he might as well push her away.

Hunter had maintained a consistent coldness, no alienation, no closeness, and no difference than usually.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down.

Why couldn't she learn from Hunter, having only little desire?

Unconsciously, they walked to the backyard.

They had planned to have lunch in the yard. The backyard had been arranged long ago, and the buffet tables and chairs had been placed.

Matriarch were not there, the atmosphere in the entire backyard was a lot


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