Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 32: Master Jackson, let's discuss official matters!


"Master Jackson, are you listening?" Emily frowned.


Why was this man distracted!


She gazed downwards but she hasn't figured out what he was looking at. He was already saying cheekily, 'formulations?”


“That's right! formulations or forms of extractions of medical herbs." Emily became serious when she mentioned this.


"The brand name under Century Group, Blissful...'


Hunter's expression lit up, How did you know about Blissful?"


Blissful was a line of skincare products in the Century Group which was under his charge. But this product which will be marketed by the Fairskin Chain has not been launched.


Apart from Fairskins upper management and the R&D team, outsiders were not supposed to know about this. How did Emily know about this undisclosed brand name?


Emily was startled when she realized that Blissful hadn't been launched yet.


It was rather illogical for her to know about Blissful at this point.


But at this moment, she can only pretend, “Am l not about to be engaged to you? isn't it natural for your fiance to know some of your little secrets?"


lt was obvious that Master .Jackson would not accept such frivolous reasons, "don't muddle your way out of this. How did you know?”


"I don't want to say." lt was impossible to lie to him, Hunter was so sharp. No excuse will get past him. It was better not to say anything at all.


"Do you want to dwell on how l knew or do you want to know if there are any means of getting Blissful launched ahead of schedule?”


Hunter looked at her slightly flushed petite face. That sincere look of hers didn't appear to have done anything wrong.


At this moment, her slim delicate waist was still in his hands and it appeared that with a squeeze he']l be able to break it in two.