Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 33: Sweetheart, it's the time


He was not done? What other matters did he have?




An experienced woman was certainly different. From Hunter's gaze, Emily knew what he meant.


His eyes conveyed a suffocating possessiveness. She desperately wanted to escape but was completely imprisoned by him.


The dashingly handsome man in front of her was infinitely magnified.


She wanted so much to escape. Oh lord, she so badly wanted to escape. Her instincts told her that she must escape.


But as he moved nearer, the only thing that she could do was to ... close her eyes and purse her lips. He was very handsome. 


How could a man be so handsome?


The long eyelashes made him look like a dreamy prince. But he was a king!


His loneliness and cold indifference made him so endearing and drove women mad.


He... wanted to kiss her?


Emily doesn't know when she closed her eyes but she was clear of what she was hoping for.


Her heart was throbbing and she was squirming...


"Kal" The car window was wound down, Liam's voice came from outside.


and quickly opened her eyes.


.Jackson was calm, unsurprised and


was the only


herself off and this time she was


she sat at her seat and was still straightening herself, she looked out the window




wanted to open the door and exit the car when Hunter said ¡in a deep voice, 'You're going out


that something was amiss. What's wrong with going


him a moment ago. Who would think that in the


to herself and she was feeling embarrassed


her blouse. How did all her


Rascal, scoundrel!


her blouse and tidied her hair and opened the car


minutes.' The man


meaning of that?" She turned and


and rested. When those


are my friends and not


his character, if she were to insist on spending the


remarked, pushed open


car... how cool" Sallys eyes were


the door, she saw the person inside. She was surprised as he appeared different from when she saw him at


Jackson was now quiet, calm, peaceful in the car looking all deamy and


so fortunate to be married to such an


step forward and blocked her view. She didn't know why she


drinking. Tonight his dizzy state has a bewitching aura and she didnt want any other


objecting, she wasn't angry at all. Master Jackson was Emily's man and

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