Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 31: Woman, do as you wish


Emily felt a chill as if that was a premonition.


"Yes... She pinched her palm, she told herself that she cannot lower herself in front of him.


"I won't break off with them, Master .Jackson, you don't have to...”


"That violent boy called Terry?" Dashing? Manly? Aargh! Is she tired of living?


"So what if it's ... Argh! What are you doing?" Where are you placing your hands?


Emily struggled in fear but no matter what, she couldn't escape from his grasp.


"Hunter, do you always resort to violence to resolve matters?" To think that he was doing that to her!


"What have I done to you?” His hands were always at that position. It was her who was constantly shifting on top of him.


Although he felt good about her, as soon as he thought about her mention that Terry is 'dashing and Manly, Master Jackson's eyes became sullen.


He raised his hand and slaps down, "You dare to praise another man in front of your fiance? You are getting brave!"


Pah... a sharp pain radiated from her tiny tush.


Emily's eyes widened and demand angrily, 'Hunter, why did you spank me?”


Even worse, why did he spank at... at that place! "m not a small kid, let me go!"


Only a small kid would have the backside spanked, it's too humiliating.


"Oh really?" He looked at her and continued, “Are you trying to remind me that you are no longer a small girl?"


"Of course i'm not small" In her previous life, she had lived for 23 years and got married. Small?




Her body was flipped over and Emily was looking directly at him.