Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 47 You Know Who was Behind it

Hunter stood in front of her like the strongest wall in the world. lt was impossible to cross.

"It was the person that kidnapped Sally last night, Hunter. Catch him!"

Emily wanted to look behind him, but the tall figure blocked all her sight.

She clearly felt that, at this moment, there was something wrong with the way Hunter looked at her.

His eyes were so cold. What was he doing here?

lf he came here to help her, why did he let Eagle run away behind him?

"Hunter..' Emily wrinkled between the brows.

"Come back with me." Hunter took a step forward.

"What do you mean?" Emily jerked back a few steps before he could touch her.

Terry was standing behind her as if her greatest reliance all the time.

Emily's mind was confused at this moment. Because there were some things that she had not thought through, which seemed to come to light at the moment when she saw Hunter.

"You sent so many people out last night. You had already found their speedboat, but they were still at large today.

She felt a sudden desire to laugh, but she did not know what to laugh at.

"No one could escape from you, Hunter. Why should you let them go when you have captured them?”

Emily had identified that Amy was so terrified that she had to pretend to commit suicide.

Unexpectedly, it was not due to her fear! She took the road to ruin by herself.

What's more, Amy could not take out so mụch money all at once. she regards wealth as life. That day she risked her dignity for hundreds of thousands dollars.

How could she be willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get Emily and Hunter's wedding called off?

Perhaps Amy had thought about making trouble for Emily. But this time, it was just a coincidence.

"You were protecting the guy behind it?" She retreated half a step Into Terry's arms.


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