Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 48 What did it Matter to Him if Ì was in Pain or not?

“And then what? Call the police? Continue to check? What can you get in the end?”

Hunter looked at her in a calm and relaxed mood.

Emily bit her lips. She was so angry that she even wanted to tear up his expressionless face!

"You mean you want to protect them to the end?”

"No, I agree with you. Let them get what they deserve." He tapped on the window of the car.

Liam opened the door, looking at Emily respectfully, "Young madam, we have handed the three people to the police."

"And the man behind it? Why doesn't he need to be punished?” That's not enough!

"Young madam, the car accident was arranged by nobody. lt was just an accident.”

"And those who wanted to hurt Sally came up with a temporary idea at that time, which was different from what they agreed on before."

"The person behind did not mean to hurt Miss Cox, so the three people will pay for their actions."

Liam looked like a peacemaker, but what he said was not what Emily wanted.

"I will find out the mastermind!"

dust after saying this, Joe s call came.


Emily looked away and put it through, 'Joe, how is it?”

"Emily, the opposite is too powerful. They have damaged the banking system, deleting those information. Temporarily I can not find the information of the virtual account."


While Terry was driving back, .Joe traced up the information on the Internet with his old notebook in the car.

But unexpectedly those people could even destroy the banking system ¡in only more than an hour!

Emily slightly tightened the hand that took the phone, without any word. She knew that it was over.

In order to stop her from pursuing further, Hunter blocked off the road.

doe continued, "Emily, it is not completely out of reach, but I have to fix their system first, it will take some time."

"No, give it up." Emily closed her eyes and said in a hushed voice, "Try to comfort Terry. Go back and take good care of Sally.'