Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 46 The Man Walked out of the Old Warehouse


"No, you have done nothing. You have nothing to do with whether Amy is alive or dead."

Emily was not trying to comfort her by saying this. she was telling the truth.

However, Emily was a little confused now. Was what happened last night related to Amy?

She picked up her cell phone from her desk and dialed a number, ".Joe, do me a favor."


No sooner had the phone hung up than Enron's takeaway arrived.

After sending away the delivery boy, Emily pushed Sally to the table, "Come on, you need to have something first."

Still feeling upset, Sally sat down at the table and opened the package with biting her lips.

Emily was about to go to prepare something for the class. Bụt suddenly, Sally screamed behind her.

When Emily turned around, Sally was falling straight down off the chair.

lf it wererft for her quick reaction, Sally would fall on the ground and knock on her head!


Looking at the takeaway box on the table, Emily found there was a little snake in it!

They went too far! These people are really away too much!

"Sally, Sally. Wake up!"

"Emily, I am afraid, Emily. I didn't kill anyone, I didn't kill Amy, I didn't....

Sallys face turned pale. Suddenly her two eyes rolled over, and she completely lost her mind.

Sally was taken to an off-campus hospital, where doctors diagnosed her over-stressed and over-shock.

Although there was nothing serious physically, the psychological damage would take a long time to be covered.

"What about Sally?' When Joe rushed to the time, Sally had not woken up.

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