Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 41: About to die anyway

Sally can't swim, she's a lead weight in water, she'll die if no one saved her.

That's why Emily didn't think it through, but it looked like she also can't swim.

She only knew that someone must save Sally, otherwise, Sally will die.

She will die.

Splash, her head smacked onto the water and the impact almost knocked her unconscious.

"Sally.... Water rushed into her mouth as soon as she opened it, she couldn't breathe.

But she struggled to swim in the direction where Sally entered the water. She didn't even know when she learned to swim!

"Sally, Sally...'

A huge wave rolled and lifted her petite body before engulfing her. Emily became increasingly dizzy as her breathing got increasingly difficult.

The instances of the water going into her mouth and nose had increased but she persisted to swim over.

No one taught her how to swim and no one told her how to survive in the sea.

She only knew that she had to swim to Sally and get her out of the water.

She finally touched Sallys body. She clenched her teeth and with a final breath, pulled Sally to the surface. As she pulled Sally to the surface, she struggled to breathe and her body shook violently.

She no longer had any strength to reach the surface. The more she struggled, the more she sank.

She couldn't breathe, not even half a breath of fresh air. ls she going to die?

Her consciousness was fading and she felt increasingly uncomfortable.

She can breathe, completely can't breathe! When she opened her mouth, it wasn't air that entered but a mouthful of salty seawater.

She's really go¡ng to die...

In her daze, she seemed to see a face and it's getting clearer.

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