Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 40: The man against the fate


“The money has arrived."


A man dressed in black with silk stockings over his head announced excitedly, holding a mobile phone in his hand.


"Now what, boss?" The money has arrived. They were all full of joy and were eager to go back to enjoy.


"Mission was accomplished. We can certainly go back.”


Their boss looked at the girl that was not far away, suddenly narrowed his eyes.


"Although this little girl got a colorful face, she still has a nice body."


The other two guys looked at each other, then looked at the sand ¡in the dark around them. The little beasts in their heart began to move restlessly.


lt was a dark and windy night. They could hardly be seen clearly by others. Although it was not their purpose tonight, it was a pity to miss sụch a good opportunity.


"Boss, so..."


"Anyway, we are leaving Bentson City tonight, and in that case...'


The boss grinned and put his phone away. Suddenly he walked quickly to Sally, who was sitting on the ground.


Sally shivered with fear. When she finally managed to break free from the ropes tied to her hands, she saw several people suddenly walking towards her.


What did they want to do? Why did ít look so horrible now?


The boss went in front of them and soon came up to Sally and squatted down.


"Little girl, your friend still need a long time to find this place. lt is hard to endure such lonesome at night, isn't it?"


"Why don't you play with us?”


He stretched out his hand to grasp Sally's body with a smile on his face.


"You bad guy!" Sally grabbed a handful of sand and threw it forcefully into his face.


'Ah.... The man had not expected that the rope was broken. With sand in the eyes, he immediately screamed.




"Are you okay, boss?"


walking slowly, now hurried to their boss. Sally got


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"I swear I won't."


"! will play well the role of a young madam

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