Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 42 Blame me for losing control


Before Emily could get over her embarrassment, the door opened, and in came the doctor and nurses.


Behind the doctor was Hunter. He already changed his clothes. White shirt with black trousers, a formal look.


There was no trace of the commotion that happened that night at sea.


In an instant, he was back to his serious and stern self, cold and distant god-like being.


Sally didn't even dare to look directly at him from afar. She stood aside as soon as Master Jackson entered.


Liam was behind Hunter and he smiled in relief when he saw that Emily has awakened.


"Missus, you've finally awakened. How are you feeling? Do you want to continue?”


Continue? Continue what?


Emily was confused and wanted to look at Hunter but she didn't dare to.


She thought about her forcibly kissing him and felt so embarrassed.


She felt guilty even when she peeked at him.


"What's the situation?" Hunter looked calmly and emotionlessly at her.


That cool and calm voice, it was as if nothing happened that night.


The doctor inspected Emily and said, “She's out of any danger.'


The nurse removed the intravenous drip. She was much better after the infusion.


from being slightly pale, she was as good as any other


"Then, in a while, we should be able to continue with


Hunter drove to accompany her to look for Sally, he did have Liam to inform everybody


dare to leave if Master Jackson said


Emily turned


a peek at Hunter. She


had the authority. All the quests were the elite of Bentson City. But when he wanted


truly a capable man! This was what every


rest must slog for ten lifetimes before they can attain a tenth


finally calmed down and though she still didn't dare to look at Hunter, she was less


attempt to kiss him forcibly.


we going


have someone bring over


Wash face?


touched her face, is there anything


her, No matter, the makeup ran a little, in a


"Yikes! Ghost!"


the mirror and half her waterproof mascara ran down her cheeks. The other


was in the sea for so long, and it appeared that it


of her


ah! Who was this ghost?


fainted when she thought that she had used these clown lips to kiss


given her a fatal blow and throw her back into


at four


brought Emily up the stage, everyone below had a multitude of


daughter of the Gale family was playing. The first time she went missing, and now she made everyone wait till


this time, even if they could


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