Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 78: He Was Willing to Be Intimate with Her Only

"However, the Young Master did not forbid you from approaching him just now.’ Liam really dared not let Emily leave.


The Eldest Young Master rarely got drunk. And once he did a few times, he would make an astonishing scene.


To put it bluntly, whoever came close to him would die!


The last time Peter Yan tried to take the Eldest Young Master's temperature when he was delirious, he ended up with a direct fracture and a half month's plaster cast.


The Eldest Young Master had been overwhelmingly alert.


Liam just wondered why the Eldest Young Master was able to not resist at all when Young Lady approached him. Instead, he looked as if he were obedient.


Emily looked back at the man lying on the bed, in the meantime, who tightened his eyebrows tightly and seemed to be restless in his sleep.

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When holding him just now, she found that his body temperature was frighteningly high...


She sat back down on the edge of the bed and reached out to his forehead.


Liam paused breathing and couldn't help but warn her, "Young Lady, beware!"


Before Emily could come to her senses, she had placed her hand on Hunter's forehead.


"It's really hot!” Emily wondered whether he was like so because of the fact that he had got drunk and had been standing in the wind for so long. But now it was obvious that Hunter was more than just being drunk.


"Quickly call Peter Yan over. He seems to have a fever.


Peter Yan was Hunter's personal doctor. And since the Young Master Hunter was going back to the Jackson family’s house for a two-day stay, Peter had moved back early.


Liam was just surprised that starting from the fact that the Young Lady had called him by his first name and now she had asked him to invite Peter over, it seemed that she didn't find them strange at all.


It was as if she was familiar with the people around the Eldest Young Master.


However, hearing that the Young Master was sick, Liam surely didn’t have time to think about so much. He immediately called Peter.


By the time Peter came over, Emily had just measured the temperature for Hunter.


“Forty point three degrees!" Seeing the degrees displayed on the thermometer, Emily was terrified and became nervous.


"Peter, give him an antipyretic injection!”


What if Hunter's brain was impaired by this high temperature?