Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 77: If I Stay Here, He Will Get Angry

As expected, Young Master Hunter did have misunderstood Emily.


Emily said indifferently, "No, I just feel that he... is familiar.”


"How familiar is he to you?" When Hunter got stubborn, he was a bit like unreasonable children!


"I just mistook him for someone else. And it won't ever happen again, okay?"


Emily knew that he had drunk too much. But she just couldn't get used to this Young Master Hunter who was a bit childish after drinking too much wine.


"I'll help you go back to rest first. It's windy outside. And it's easy to catch a cold after drinking and hanging out in the wind.'’


He didn't say anything. As Emily tried to assist him, he didn't even refuse her.


Finally, it took her great efforts to help him stand up.


But, once again, Hunter's height startled her!


Emily knew that Hunter was close to one and nine meters tall. But she usually saw him from a distance, feeling that his body proportion couldn't be more perfect.


It wasn't until she got closer that she profoundly realized that Hunter's height could simply overshadow her.


Standing beside him, Emily was only to the height of his shoulders. No wonder she felt that her neck was tired as she was talking to him. It turned out that he was simply so tall.


It was fine that he was tall. How come he was so heavy?


With half of his weight on her body, Emily felt that her legs went limp and almost rolled on the floor with him.


"Young Master Hunter, can you... support yourself?"


The weight on her body was so great that even she barely had the strength to speak. Emily bit her lips and exerted great effort to stand firm.


But she could only stand firm. It was impossible for her to move forward.


"Young Master Hunter... "


He didn't have any response. Instead, he pressed down on her again.


If the smell of the alcohol wasn't so strong, Emily would have suspected that Hunter was doing it on purpose!


Hunter was indeed so heavy that she was about to lose her breath.