Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 76: How Are You Connected to Him

What a privilege it was to sit down and dine with the Old Lady!


Sarah hadn't tried it, neither had the two ladies of the Jackson family. And now, Emily Gale, an ugly bitch, was arranged to be sitting at the table where the masters were sitting!


With both the Old Master and Old Lady being here, no one dared to say anything. But, nobody was convinced!


Emily enjoyed quite a good meal though. As the men were all drinking, only she and the Old Lady were really enjoying the food.


The old lady took good care of her. And it didn't look awkward for a young woman and an elder woman to be among the men.


After the meal, Emily sent the Old Lady back to the main house to rest along with the maid.


She had a talk with the Old Lady. By the time she came back, it was already ten oclock in the evening.


People unconcerned at the banquet hall had retreated.


She just didn't expect to see Vincent Jackson walking alone on the forest path on her way back.


It had to be said that the Jackson family house was really big, incredibly big.


From the main house to the banquet hall, Emily had to walk through a long forest path in between.


Both sides of the road were full of flowering pavilions. And as far as Emily could see, Vincent was standing under the tree behind the pavilion.


As Vincent's figure stood against the wind, the moonlight reflected his long shadow on the ground, making him somewhat lonely.


Vincent had always been averse to dealing with people, especially women.


In Emily's last life, Hunter hadn't treated her well. But, like his grandmother, Vincent had been especially nice to her.


The scene of him lying covered in blood in her arms always lingered in her mind. And she couldn't wave it away.


As long as she thought about it, she felt that her heart had been stabbed by a knife. And it was tense and in pain from time to time.


Unconsciously, she walked behind him and stood less than five steps away from him.




As Vincent, who was holding something in his hand, heard her words, he looked back at her with somewhat cold eyes.


"At a time like this, what are you doing here? You should have stayed by my brother's side!"


He threw away the leaves in his hand and turned around to leave.