Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 79: How Come the Scene of Giving Hunter a Shot Ended up Like This?

“Seduce, seduce him?"


Because of the need to take off Hunter's pants, Emily, who was already a little guilty, shook her hands as she heard his 

words. And she fiercely wanted to stand up and back away.


Unexpectedly, her hand was still in his palm and was being held tightly.


As soon as she retreated, the distinctly unconscious Hunter pulled her. And his powerful force pulled her down on her stomach instantly.




Emily didn’t know what she had bumped into and only felt her nose was sore and her tears were coming out.


The atmosphere was stiff and quite embarrassing! And it was very... blush-inducing!


Liam was dumbfounded and Peter almost stuck the needle in his finger.


The assisting physician who had just brought the injection over retreated violently out of the room and slammed the door shut.


Hunter muffled a grunt. And some pain flashed across a pair of his eyes that were clearly blinded by alcohol. He said, “You... "


Emily was completely unaware of what was happening. But it was as if she felt as if the place she had hit was making it 

harder and harder for her.


It seemed that it was holding against her and experiencing a little change...


As soon as she lifted her head, she could immediately notice that something was wrong with the atmosphere in the room, wondering why Liam and Peter were looking at her like that.


What did she do?


Emily, who was somewhat confused, looked down. And when she took a look at the place she had just hit, her hearty eyes went wide!


“Young Lady, don't pass out yet. You haven't given the Young Master his injection!”


Emily's look indicated that she was so shocked that she was about to pass out. And it made Liam very worried.


Only then did Peter come to his senses. He immediately walked over with the syringe, "Young Lady, the injection is ready.”


Emily inhaled over and over again. And with great difficulty, she managed to calm down.