Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 74: How Could You Be So Domineering?

Emily lifted the cup up and took a shallow taste of the fragrant tea.


While being gazed by so many people, yet Emily didn't seem even a little bit uncomfortable.


"Emily Gale, what exactly do you mean?” Snowy was always the most impatient one.


Snowy thought, “So many people are waiting for her explanation. And how come she doesn't even take it seriously?”


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“There's no point. Do I have to explain in the face of lies?”


Emily put down the cup, hooked her lips, and smiled, “Shouldn't the one who brings out a charge need to present relative evidence as well these days? If she said that I had kicked her out, she would have to show the proof."


“Otherwise, I'll have to explain every time if someone comes to make a slanderous remark against me. I surely don’t have so much time.”


What Emily had said was reasonable. However, did she mean that Rosy had slandered her by saying so?


Rosy, however, did not get angry and just whispered, “It’s not like that at all. It's me who didn't want to hinder Miss Gale from appreciating the bag. That's why I dared not try on the shoes and hurriedly walked out.”


She looked at Emily with a smile, looking somewhat uneasy and fearful.


"I'm sorry, Miss Gale. It's all a misunderstanding. And it's my fault.’


"Rosy! You've been bullied and you are admitting that you were wrong! Since when had the children from the Jackson family been bullied like this?”


It was so infuriating to the extreme! How could Rosy Jackson endure it?


"Emily Gale, I want you to apologize to Rosy!”


But Emily shrugged, "I didn't do anything wrong. So why should I apologize?"


Moreover, she took out her phone, tapped the recording button, and placed it on the table.


As she fixed her indifferent gaze on Rosy, suddenly, the look in her eyes was cold.


"Come on. Tell me exactly what I did to you at that time. I'm a person who always deals with things truthfully. Since you said that I had bullied you, you'd better make your words clear.


"Now I'll record what we will say. When the time comes, the police will investigate it. If what you said is a lie, then you probably can't escape from the slander charge.”


“Emily Gale, how dare you threaten me?" The look on Tabby's face went dark. She thought that Emily had crossed the line.


Sarah also felt that there was no need for them to make such a big scene.