Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 73: What Made She So Emboldened

No one expected that Snowy would be so cruel as to actually take such a hard crystal cup and smash it down on Emily's head.


If this cup did hit Emily on her head, it would definitely smash her head to pieces!


"Beware!" Sarah, who had already stood up and wanted to come over as a peacemaker, was shocked. She came over in a 

panic and pushed Emily away.


The crystal cup then mercilessly landed on Sarah's shoulder. “Crack!” A dull sound rang, indicating that Sarah must be in pain!


Sarah twitched her eyebrows in pain instantly. But she gritted her teeth and didn't grunt.

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“What's going on?" Finally, someone from the man's side came over.


It was the Grand Master as well as the father of several young masters of the Jackson family, Rupert Jackson.


"Nothing. I carelessly spilled the cup,” Sarah immediately explained. And she also personally picked up the crystal cup from the ground.


As for how Sarah had stooped to compromise, Emily saw it all.


In her last life, she hadn't had much interaction with this grand lady.


Although she had been framed all the time, she, who was stupid, didn't even know who on earth the one that had trapped her was.


But she never expected that this apparently glamorous Grand Lady would be so aggrieved at home!


Now she had got a smashed shoulder and suffered an injury. And she had to pick up the cup on her own!


The maid crouched down in panic and helped her stand up.


Sarah still smiled, "It's just a misunderstanding... "