Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 75: Making Compromise Wouldn't Make Others Pity Her

Of course, the statement that a plate of onion snails was worth a whole day's turnover for a company was certainly overstated.


However, the onion snails are not ordinary snails but a kind of rare snail from the deep sea.


Moreover, it was made out of a unique process where the meat of the snail was dug out as a whole and the bad parts were removed and the frozen snail meat was mixed with top quality caviar.


At the same time, the shell of the onion snail was cleaned cleanly with a special spoon. And then a layer of golden sea urchin would be placed inside the shell.


Then, with very small tongs, the snails were fed back into the shells with the caviar which was mixed with frozen snail meat.


Finally, the snails would be baked in the oven for ten seconds.


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No more, no less. The snails should be baked for just ten seconds.


Then hot and fragrant onion snails would be ready.


With just a plate of onion snails, its material cost was second to none, which would cost ten thousand dollars at most.


But, its labor cost was the most terrible thing!


To ensure the snails’ freshness and taste, the time to get it ready had to be kept within certain limits.


And it would require a large number of servants to get it done together, at least a few dozen.


An ordinary family surely didn't have dozens of servants. Only the super big ones like the Jackson family could have that 

many servants.


While the Gale family didn't even have the slightest capability!


Therefore, speaking of the daughter raised by the Gale family, she probably had never eaten any onion snails in her life.


The maid brought the onion snail to Emily's plate. And all those people around her stopped, stared at Emily one by one, and 

were ready for a good show.


It was true that the Gale family wasn't a big family. And Emily Gale wasn't a lady from a rich family. Would she know how to