(You liar)

Writer's POV

Back at the hospital.

The surgery on Shawna got carried out the next day and of course it went smoothly.

Now, she has been transferred to a patient ward for full recovery.

Luwis who heard the news of what happened to Shawna after Dillion took her out felt really guilty. He knows that if he hadn't told Dillion then she will not be in that condition.

Ma'am Sandra, Beatrice and one other maid by the name Vee sat around Shawna and watched her sleep. They anticipated the time that she will finally woke up. While Sam and Luwis stayed outside her ward.

Luwis couldn't wait for Shawna to wake up.

And lastly Dillion....while you'll find out later as you read on.

Shawna's POV

I felt myself coming back to live.

Aw..what the hell happened? I thought as everywhere looked dark, I realized that my eyes were closed and I slowly opened it.

The first place my eyes caught was the white ceiling up.

Then I heard low whispers, whispers of people calling my name.

"Shawna!" I could suddenly hear my name loud and clear.

My eyes drifted to the direction that the loud voice came from to see ma'am Sandra.

"Ma'am" I called even if it came out in a whisper. Then I made to sit up but felt a hand holding me down from the left hand side.

I shifted my eyes to see Beatrice, she prevented me from sitting up. She and one other maid there.

"Stay calm, you just had a surgery. Don't try to force yourself, you don't need it" ma'am Sandra said and I relaxed again.

"I'll go inform the doctor that you are awake" Beatrice said and left.

"Ma'am Sandra" I called again staring fully at her. I still couldn't get it. What the heck really happened?

Why was a surgery performed on me?