Sold To A Gang Leader

[He owns her]




(If you want her to die)

Writer's POV

Shawna was immediately rushed to the hospital by ma'am Sandra and Beatrice who were around the time she fainted. Sam who was also around was the one that drove them to the hospital.

Ma'am Sandra didn't know what to think as the doctors attended to Shawna.

What is really wrong with her? She's not pregnant, I'm sure of that so what could be wrong? She thought as she sat at the hospital sit outside the hospital ward. Beatrice was with her.

After about 40 minutes later, the head doctor came out of the emergency room Shawna was rushed into.

Ma'am Sandra knows him very well, he is actually Dillion's personal doctor.

"Matthew, what is wrong with her?" Ma'am Sandra quickly asked standing up on her two feet with Beatrice supporting her.

"Um...Ma'am is she your daughter? Cause I'm confused. I have never seen her before" Matthew asked instead.

"No she is not, but she is very important. So tell me what is wrong with her?" Ma'am Sandra went ahead to ask again.

"Well she had an anxiety attack, it's also called panic attack. It's due to intense fear and emotional distress" Matthew explained.

"Oh good lord!" Ma'am Sandra exclaimed.