(F**k*ng dubious)

Hours later.

Luwis's POV

"What is it Luwis? You're moody" Sam asked.

"Nothing, I'm cool" I replied him.

"You're not. You aren't always like this. Lemme guess, it's Shawna right? Did something happen between you two?" He went on and asked again.

I shrugged and then narrated what had happened between the both of us to him.

"Well, I warned you not to let the boss know but you did anyways. Didn't you want this to happen? You said you'll like it if he gets mad at her right? Then why are you like this now?" he scoffed and asked.

"You're crazy, I never wanted her to end up here or even get mad at me. I didn't know this was gonna happen...I mean I didn't expect her to be here but guess I should have listened to you" I muttered.

He sighed and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"You're a brother luwis, get your eyes of Shawna now. Before it's too late, you know you can never have her, it isn't possible" he said but it angered me.

"That's a lie, don't utter shit again. You know nothing okay?" I snarled and he flinched. I guess he didn't expect that reaction from me.

I stood up on my feet and made to leave.

"Come on, are you mad at me? I'm sorry" he apologized as I left him there. Was still in the hospital. Now I'm headed outside to go smoke.

Can't get hold of myself anymore.

As I strolled through the hallway, a familiar face walked pass me in a dark hoodie.

I turned and looked at the person.

He looks familiar, I thought and made to continue going on my way but suddenly recalled him.

That Matthias guy. "Shit!" I cussed as I followed him but the nigga is pretty smart.

He sensed me out real fast and increased his walking pace.