(Young master)

Dillion's POV

Few minutes after the new slave...what's her name again???

Shawna. Yeah yeah, left with luwis, I called him to meet me in the rooftop of the next hotel which is few meters away.

In case things goes wrong, don't wanna get sighted here.

So I'm currently here waiting for them both - Shawna and luwis.

It's high time, if things went smoothly, it's high time they appear here.

Shawna's POV

The guards rushed towards the old man in bed and I tip toped out but felt my legs becoming weak.

I wanted to fall with the briefcase but a hand held me.

"Shawna, it's me - luwis. Careful, you did well, let's go, seems there is no need to distract them since you already...."

He was still saying when the fat looking men rushed out like angry lions. Luwis brought out something, I think it's a teargas then he threw it at them and quickly grabbed my hand and we ran away.

We got outside the hotel and he pulled me into a black van there, then someone at the driver sit drove off.

"Wow! You really tried, tell me how you did it, hope the old cargo didn't suspect anything?" The luwis guy asked but I was really in no mood.

My throat is damn dry. I looked behind me and saw a white bottle with a white liquid, concluding it is water, I grabbed it and gulped it down.

"What the f**k!!? You drink this much?" Luwis asked while I shook my head, trying to shake the sleep clouding my eyes.

"Drink? What do you mean drink? Isn't it water?" I turned to him and asked.