(Seducing him)

Shawna's POV

"Luwis!!" Dillion barked from the car and he regained his senses.

"On it boss. Come on babe" he whispered the last part to me as he led me into the fancy looking hotel.

I walked beside him carefully in order not to fall because of the high hill that am putting on.

I noticed people kept staring at me, especially the males.

Why won't they? With me dressed this way it's sure thing.

"Wait Angel" the luwis guy made me stop then he branched somewhere and came back with a red wine and two glass cups.

He handed them over to me and I collected.

"Room 205, that's your target room, be really careful especially with those fat looking guards posted outside his door" he warned and I nodded and made to leave but he held me back.

"What is your name anyways?" He grinned.

"I'm..Shawna" I answered simply.

"Okay Shawna, you're really beautiful and I like you a whole lot, but later we'll talk more" he winked at me which made me almost roll my eyes at him.

"Go on, be careful!" He warned again and I gulped down and continued walking further, searching for room 205 with my eyes.

I kept going and then sighted about 3 guards standing outside a particular door, they are all big and fat.

That must be the room, I thought and proceeded to them.

"Excuse me, is this room 205?" I asked with soft smiles.

The guards ran their eyes all over my body and I saw them lick their lips hungrily.