(Lemme face it)

Shawna's POV

I got out of my room after hurriedly washing my face. I got to Dillion's door and knocked on it.

"Get your ass in" his husky voice said and I cracked the door open and got in - fearfully.

He was facing the mirror already dressed up.

"Go..good.. morning" I greeted fearfully again and he didn't say anything.

He heard but he is just keeping mute. Is he really angry with me?

He dropped the brush with him and finally spoke up after what seems like years to me.

"Did you realize the penalty of what you did last night?" He started his eyes fixed on me.

"First you broke my rules by staring at me after listing the rules to you, right after! Then you relieved yourself on me last night. Do you know the penalty?" He got to me and raise my chin up to stare at him.

"I could barely believe it. I should kill you, yes, that should be the punishment but no, I won't. You're somehow useful to me and since you're a gift from my brother, I won't get rid of you easily."

"But let me sound you a good warning, better stay out of my way,don't get me angry again or I might loss it and really kill you."

"It's a pity, although I won't kill you but I'll still make you regret it. Later today, you're gonna be serving your purpose, the purpose for which you are originally here."

"Don't feel I will let you wake up and sleep everyday like a princess, you'll serve your purpose but in a more painful way, slave!!" He drawled the word slave with his hands now fixed around my neck.