(The new slave)

Somewhere in Mexico

Valentina's POV

I stared around the school wondering where Valentine, my twin sister could be.

We were supposed to meet here, why isn't she here yet?

Please it's getting late and am really hungry, I have to go home and eat.

I brought out my phone feeling so uneasy and dialed her line, it rang to an end but she still didn't pick up.

Damn you tine!! I cussed and tossed my phone back into my handbag.

We are supposed to take the same car and I can't leave without her,and even if I wanted to leave I aren't with the car keys.

I tapped my foot on the floor feeling really pissed with my eyes fixed on the floor.

"Tina??" I heard a very familiar voice and looked up to see Dilly.

"Dilly!!"I exclaimed and stood straight.

Dilly's POV

Naomi had insisted that I follow her to register in school today, she insisted so I had to follow her.

Well, I also schoolled here but not anymore, I mean I don't have time for schooling because of the papers and documents waiting to be signed for the companies.

We were on our way to the registry office when I saw someone that looked familiar.

Isn't that one of the twins I know? I wondered and got closer to her.

"Tina??" I called not really sure if she's Tina or Tine.

She raised her eyes up to stare at me and she exclaimed and called my name.

"Dilly!!" She called and I realized she is really Tina.

"Hey Tina, what's up?" I cooed and she came and embraced me.

"Hi Naomi" she waved at Naomi who kept staring at her as if she doesn't know her.