Shawna's POV

"Ma'am Sandra, can you please explain this to me, I can't really differentiate between the two" I asked her and she turned to me and signed.

"Who exactly bought me and if you don't mind, please tell me who that girl is?" I inquired.

"Of course you opt to know. Dillion is the first twin, the one you saw me hugging is the junior one, his name is actually Dilly."

"The girl Naomi is their Junior sister, she is traveling with the junior master to Mexico" she explained and I opened my mouth slightly then nodded showing that I understand.

"So, which of them really owns me?" I asked again.

"Well, since the younger master bought you as a gift for his elder brother, that makes you, the older master's slave, sorry to use that word tho" she explained and apologized.

"It's okay, no need to apologise ma'am, I already accepted my fate long before I got here" I smiled and said.

So that means, the guy that I was sent into his room is Dillion and he owns me tho I was a gift by the younger twin Dilly, hmm that makes sense.

"But ma'am Sandra, what about their parents? Don't they have...."

My voice trailed off when I saw one of them entering, Dillion, it's him, his hands were tucked into his trouser pocket as he walked pass the both of us and climbed up the stairs.