Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1143

Michael and Celia were shocked. They subconsciously turned around.

Standing behind them by the entrance to the villa was Adrian who looked confused.

Next to him was a young pretty lady pushing a wheelchair. The man on the wheelchair might seem weak and pale, but his arrogant and regal aura was so strong it forced one to look away.

Michael furrowed his brows.

Was that man not the president of the Lynch Group, Joshua Lynch? The man whom his parents had mentioned to him ever since he was young. The man that would be his future competition and role model.

Was his life not hanging by the thread? Was he not about to die? Why did he suddenly appear?

“Daddy! “ Nellie turned around and immediately noticed Joshua in the wheelchair. She immediately threw her ice cream into the bin and ran toward Joshua.

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