Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1142

“Are you planning to head to Blue Bay Villa? Just nice. Now that I’m up, I don’t want to stay at the hospital too. I want to return to Blue Bay Villa.“


Adrian’s face has lost all of its colors upon Joshua’s words. Joshua knew about the Blue Bay Villa incident. Which meant that…he heard every single word he said to Luna a moment ago.

Adrian narrowed his eyes and said in a suppressed tone. “Joshua, I think you should stay in the hospital to recuperate. Why are you so anxious to go back home…“

“After all, your other son is also my brother. I have not seen him before. I should go home and meet him.“


Then, Joshua turned to look at the doctor who was checking upon him. “Doctor, how is it? Can I go home?“

The doctor nodded. “When you were unconscious for the past few days, your body has recovered quite well. Now that you’ve come around, your body is only a little weak. Just pay attention to not overwork and don’t touch your wounds. You are free to discharge.“

Adrian sensed despair upon the doctor’s words. Joshua still insisted on returning to Blue Bay Villa!

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