Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1144

Nellie, by the side, pursed her lips. She said curtly, “ The moment they came they wanted to chase Nigel and me away. They said that this was their home in the future.

“Thankfully Nigel and I were smart enough. We said that there were two sets of keys to the villa. One is with Daddy, the other is in a safe buried under the lake by Daddy. They were anxious to look for the key, so they didn’t chase Nigel and me away.“

Upon Nellie’s words, Luna finally understood why Michael and Celia wanted to drain the lake. She furrowed her brows and ordered the servants to stop. “Stop the draining. There’s nothing in the lake.“

Upon Luna’s words, Michael and Celia’s face lost all of its colors.


The two adults were…tricked by two little brats!

“Looking for the key?“ Joshua smiled sarcastically. “ Why are the both of you looking for the key to the villa? Do you think that this villa is yours already?“

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