Ban Lei didn't think much, so he gave me his mobile phone, and then he went out by himself.

Ji Qingxuan is actually waiting outside. When I pick up my mobile phone, it's a fight of life and death!

Pick up the mobile phone, heart twists and turns, finally thought of a suitable person.

Ji Zhaoming.

The nurse is reprocessing the wound for me. Although it's painful, my heart is in the matter of escaping Ji Qingxuan's control!

I remember Ji Zhaoming's number from memory. I dare not make a phone call, but can only send a text message.

First, brother Ji. 】

soon, I received a reply? 】

he called my name directly, which gave me a subtle feeling.

I don't care about anything else, continue to send [I was kidnapped by Ji Qingxuan, I want to leave him, can you help me? 】

after sending this message, there was no response for a long time.

I'm holding my cell phone, and my palms are sweating. Maybe it's because of distraction, and I don't feel how painful it is to deal with the wound.

When the nurse bandaged me almost, Ji Zhaoming still didn't give me a message.

I immediately regret that Ji Zhaoming is also Ji Qingxuan's uncle.

Now think about it. Even if Ji Qingxuan is not good to Ji Zhaoming, Ji Zhaoming has never said that Ji Qingxuan is not good

Ban Lei came in and asked me, "have you run out of cell phones?"

My heart trembled. "Now!"

While talking, he sent two words [don't return] to Ji Zhaoming's phone, then quickly deleted all the information, and then returned the mobile phone to ban Lei.

"Flustered, send a message to your lover?" Ban Lei looked at me like this and teased me.

My heart immediately tense up, shaking his head, "No."