Ban Lei didn't think much, so he gave me his mobile phone, and then he went out by himself.

Ji Qingxuan is actually waiting outside. When I pick up my mobile phone, it's a fight of life and death!

Pick up the mobile phone, heart twists and turns, finally thought of a suitable person.

Ji Zhaoming.

The nurse is reprocessing the wound for me. Although it's painful, my heart is in the matter of escaping Ji Qingxuan's control!

I remember Ji Zhaoming's number from memory. I dare not make a phone call, but can only send a text message.

First, brother Ji. 】

soon, I received a reply? 】

he called my name directly, which gave me a subtle feeling.

I don't care about anything else, continue to send [I was kidnapped by Ji Qingxuan, I want to leave him, can you help me? 】

after sending this message, there was no response for a long time.

I'm holding my cell phone, and my palms are sweating. Maybe it's because of distraction, and I don't feel how painful it is to deal with the wound.

When the nurse bandaged me almost, Ji Zhaoming still didn't give me a message.

I immediately regret that Ji Zhaoming is also Ji Qingxuan's uncle.

Now think about it. Even if Ji Qingxuan is not good to Ji Zhaoming, Ji Zhaoming has never said that Ji Qingxuan is not good

Ban Lei came in and asked me, "have you run out of cell phones?"

My heart trembled. "Now!"

While talking, he sent two words [don't return] to Ji Zhaoming's phone, then quickly deleted all the information, and then returned the mobile phone to ban Lei.

"Flustered, send a message to your lover?" Ban Lei looked at me like this and teased me.

My heart immediately tense up, shaking his head, "No."

Ban Lei put away his mobile phone and laughed, "you're kidding. Don't mind. I think Ji Qingxuan is a wonderful man. You must know better than me."


I gave a dull answer.

The best man?

Maybe it is. It's a pity that after so much experience, I can't afford it.

When everything is ready, I go out, Ji Qingxuan is waiting at the door.

His face was very bad. When he stood up, his body was obviously flustered. Ban Lei looked at him with a slight frown. "This barrier drug has different reactions to everyone. Some of the side effects are big, others are small. You two are in sharp contrast."

Ji Qingxuan looked at me standing there, thin lips raised a smile, "it's OK, her side effect is small, I'm big, nothing."

His words are like an invisible hand, holding my heart tightly.

So sad.

What he did always forced me to be cruel, but he forced me to be cruel.

On the way back, Ji Qingxuan's arm was on my shoulder. It didn't seem to exert much force, but it was like a huge cage, which made me unable to move.

Nothing to say all the way.

In the evening, Ji Qingxuan and I "took" the barrier medicine together, and then I lay down early, about an hour later.

I heard Ji Qingxuan stumble into the bathroom.

Immediately, the voice that the man vomits comes out in the bathroom, and the voice that does not stop using fist to hammer the floor.

It seems that as time goes on, the side effects of the blocking drugs become more and more serious in him.

My heart is tied together.

Uncontrollable heartache.

Even in thinking, how can I make Ji Qingxuan believe that it's not me in the video, I really can't be passed on.

Half an hour later, the sound of a shower came from the bathroom.

I was about to fall asleep when the man came out of the bathroom.

I could feel his arms around me, his strong muscles against my back, and the smell of shampoo around me.

Half asleep and half awake, I heard the man holding me and saying, "are you thinking all the time, how can you escape from me?"

"Even if you don't answer, I know you're thinking, all the time."

"You don't really smile at me, and you don't really listen to me."

"Now you have made me unable to see you as you were, just like a bird trapped in a cage. I dare not tell my master that I want to fly."

"Even so, I don't want to let you go. I have a hunch that if I give you freedom, you will never come back."

Man's words come into my ears.

Let me gradually awake.

The heart is bitterly astringent.

But he was right. If I left, I would never come back.

The next week, everything was the same. Ji Qingxuan finally fell ill because of the side effects of the blocking drugs and the pressure of work.

I was with him.

The hospital sent nutrition needles.

Although the man's consciousness is in a semi coma state, his hand has been holding me.

I want to leave in the middle, but his hand has been holding me, I refused to let go, clearly people are not conscious, when I want to leave, he suddenly said, "don't..."The strength in hand is even heavier.

I hesitated for a moment and sat back.

Ji Qingxuan has lost a lot of weight because of the side effects of blocking drugs in the past two weeks. Her cheeks are sunken and her dark circles are also very serious.

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