Ji Qingxuan now looking at me, let me really realize, he really killed my child!

I went to him, raised his hand, with their greatest strength in the face of the man!

With a "pa", I just felt numb.

The man is still looking at me, his face is just a little bit off.

When I finished, Ji Qingxuan was not angry at all. Instead, he took my hand and said, "it hurts. If it's calming, I'll take the medicine."

Looking at the man as if nothing had happened, my heart was cold.

I pulled out my hand, hid it behind my back and looked at him, "Ji Qingxuan, you don't want me to give birth to your child, do you?"

"No way." Ji Qingxuan looked up at me, "I want our children very much."

"Then why don't you believe that video isn't me!"

I yelled at him!

Why don't you believe me? Why take my baby.

I can't believe it until now. I'm still in the joy of pregnancy, but now I have to admit that my child is gone!

Ji Qingxuan drooped his eyes and hesitated for a moment before saying, "I watched the video again later. I know all the characteristics of you. Everyone in the video has Including the mole on the inside of your thigh. "


Ji Qingxuan's words stunned me.

That mole is very secret. I didn't expect that Qin Jiameng even did it there.

However, what are the interests behind this? Why does she want to do so? Is it just to let Ji Qingxuan give up on me?!

Ji Qingxuan seemed to think that I was shocked, stretched out his hand, took me into his arms, comforted, "it doesn't matter, today we take medicine together, there are still 27 days, and then wait two months to make sure that we are not sick, at that time, you want to have a few children, we have a few, OK?"

"Taking medicine together? I'm not sick at all. I'm not sexually assaulted. Why should we take medicine together? "

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