"Why?" I just want to speak, Ji Qingxuan came over, two hands hold my shoulder!

A few times I was pushed to the wall, face is uncontrollable anger, forced to ask, "why do you want to vomit the medicine!"

"I, I'm not sick, the woman in the video is really not me!"

I nervously explained to Ji Qingxuan.

"Not you? You tell me, how can I prove that the people inside are not you! " The expression on Ji Qingxuan's face changed from anger to despair. He asked me, "you know that men are possessive, but I've tried my best to convince myself that I don't even care about it. You just take a barrier medicine. How can it be so difficult?"

Ji Qingxuan's tone from the beginning of the low to behind the roar!

He grabbed my shoulder so hard.

I looked at him and opened my mouth. I didn't know what to say.

Yes, men are possessive.

But Ji Qingxuan accepted me, which must be a big step for him.

Ji Qingxuan stares at me, "do you know? I always told myself that as long as we finish the medicine together, we can start all over again, but what about you? What have you done! "

"I Really... "


Ji Qingxuan released his hand, took out the phone from his pocket, dialed a number, and said to the phone, "you guys come up"

"what are you doing?"

When the man said it, I suddenly realized the danger.

But it was too late. Ji Qingxuan took me to the multimedia room without windows and said to several servants, "go buy one and put it in here!"

"What are you doing?"

I struggled desperately, Ji Qingxuan ignored me at all.

He almost dragged me to the room, forced me to the corner, a pair of black eyes staring at me coldly, "I trust you so much, but you cheat me, so the remaining 12 days, I will watch you take medicine."

"But I had..."

"Shut up

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, the eyes seemed to drip blood, I shudder, shrink in the corner to look at him.

Not a word.

Soon, four bodyguards came up.

Ji Qingxuan ordered them a few words.

At noon, another furniture company sent a bed.

My nightmare began on that day.

That night, it was my first time to take medicine. Ji Qingxuan came in with a glass of water in one hand and three pills in the other.

Sitting by the bed, looking at me on the bed, put three pills in my palm, "good, take it."


"Then I'll feed you."

Ji Qingxuan said, put the cup aside, one hand holding my face, the other hand put three pieces of medicine, one, one into my mouth!

It hurts!

Heartrending pain!

My face is still injured, he did so directly touched my wound, my tears fell uncontrollably!

But the man didn't give up at all. Instead, he put the water cup in front of me and said coldly, "drink it, swallow it, if you dare to spit it out..."

"I eat it!"

I'm scared. I'm really scared.

I don't want to suffer the pain just now.

Ji Qingxuan at this moment is like a terrible wolf. I feel as if I will be eaten alive by him in the next second.

I took the water and drank it.

Men are not at ease, "mouth."

I'll do it.


I showed him my tongue again.

After making sure I swallow the medicine, Ji Qingxuan nodded and patted my head with satisfaction. "Well, have a rest and go to bed early. I'll eat it tomorrow."

I looked at the man's back, and for the first time I felt that he was so terrible.

Before Ji Qingxuan no matter how to me, I will not feel his terror, but this time, I feel that men from inside to outside.

Every time we take medicine, it's nine o'clock.

Just after taking the medicine, the side effects began to appear. I felt sick and dizzy. I didn't have the heart to think about anything else. I lay in bed and fell asleep.

Half asleep and half awake, I felt someone holding me.

Very light fingered my hair, leaned over my ear and said, "I'm sorry."

I'm too sick, too sleepy to wake up.

When I wake up again, it's morning.

Ji Qingxuan arrives as promised. The man is wearing a white household clothes today. He looks much gentler.

But I saw that he still couldn't help shrinking to the corner, and the man handed me.

This time, I obediently take medicine and drink water.

However, I'm not allowed out of this multimedia room at any other time except to go to the bathroom.I don't talk, either.

Even if Ji Qingxuan comes to talk to me, I don't say anything except nodding and shaking my head.

On the third day, the side effects of the blocking drugs became more and more obvious. I didn't have any appetite and didn't want to eat. I didn't want to get up and move.

I can do nothing but lie in bed.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Ji Qingxuan came with the medicine. When I saw him, I couldn't help shaking.

He didn't do anything to me.

Just let me take the medicine.

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