Ji Qingxuan quickly stepped forward and grabbed my arm!

Although his eyes are gentle, but the strength of the hand is very big, "baby, don't be afraid, soon things will be over!"

"No, let me go!"

I yelled.

Because I was too excited and moved too much, there was no good wound on my face, and the left side of my face hurt badly.

But I can feel Ji Qingxuan's determination. He really intends to imprison me and let me take medicine.

I don't want it.

"Well behaved, take the medicine, OK?" Ji Qingxuan came forward and hugged me.

"No, I don't take any medicine. If I take it, my child will be gone!" I desperately struggle, patting the man's body, want him to let me go.

But I am a woman's strength after all is no match for Ji Qingxuan.

He pressed me to the bed, took all three bottles of medicine with one hand, and took out one pill from inside again. "Good, just take it, just take it."

"No, the person in that video is really not me. Please believe me..."

I want to continue to say that I want Ji Qingxuan to believe me.

"Well, I believe you. I believe you."

Ji Qingxuan mouth said so, but men's deep eyes out of the sadness, I can feel, but more is cruel.

It's his intention to kill my child!

I know. He doesn't believe it.

He said, holding the pill's hand, he reached over and took off my mask.

I was completely pressed down by him and couldn't move.

But when he took off the mask, he was stunned, "you, your face..."