"This..." It seems that the nurse didn't expect me to ask. She said quickly, "there is no mirror, and now is the initial stage of treatment. After a while, I'll do the skin flap transplantation for you. It's good."

The more she said that, the more I realized that my face could be described as "horrible"

before she applied the medicine, I touched it with my hand.

The feeling of skin turning up reminds me of the zombies in the movie

I'm afraid that's what I am now.

When the nurse repackaged it for me, she added a layer of elastic mask to my face. In this way, my face was completely covered, leaving only the place of nose, eyes and mouth.

When I went out, Ji Qingxuan looked at me, and his expression did not change at all. It seemed that he didn't dislike me because I was holding an earthy yellow cover on my face.

The man took me out, I hesitated to look at him, "where to?"

"Go home."

Ji Qingxuan took me in his arms. Although I was flustered and didn't trust him, I knew that I couldn't escape. I could only take a step to see.

The car soon arrived at the familiar Yancheng No.1.

When I saw this, I realized that I was really going home.

Yeze parked his car in the underground garage and took us to the elevator. I saw a car coming behind.

Four bodyguards come down from the car and guard there.

My heart suddenly cooled.

Ji Qingxuan doesn't say anything on the surface. In fact, he has already deployed everything and fixed me firmly.

I didn't say anything. I had nothing to say.

When the elevator reached the top floor, Ji Qingxuan took me directly to the bedroom.

The man pulled me to his leg and asked me, "why don't you tell me about your face..."


"Are you afraid that I will despise you?"


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