When the man hung up, I controlled my mood and asked him, "what's the matter?"

Ji Qingxuan looked at me, frowning, silent for a moment, shook his head, "nothing."


Ji Qingxuan is definitely a person who is happy and angry.

But even he can't control his emotions.

That means it's a big deal.

I stretched out my hand, circled Ji Qingxuan, and put my face on the man's belly, "tell me, I'm not afraid."

Ji Qingxuan was silent for a while and told me, "the police said that they found the bodies of those black people by the river in the suburb."

"They're dead, too?" I could hardly believe that tears had already wet the gauze on my face.

But I still can't help crying.

"Don't be afraid. Even if we don't have children, we can make another one as long as you live." Ji Qingxuan patted me.

I know that at this time, like me, he has prepared for the worst.

But I'm really scared.

I looked up at him, "Ji Qingxuan, do you think Qin Jiameng has this ability? There must be more powerful people behind this. No matter what his purpose is, there is no denying that they are really powerful. If they are not found, what should I do next time they come? "

Hear me say so, Ji Qingxuan's facial expression does not have any change.

I know. He thought about it a long time ago.

The man patted me on the back of the head. "I'll protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you."

"How to protect me? Do you keep me in the house all the time and forbid me to go anywhere? "