Heartbeat, missed a beat.

I quickly protect their masks, desperately shaking my head, "no, AIDS saliva seems to be contagious!"

Ji Qingxuan didn't mind at all. He put his hand beside my ear and said, "I'm not afraid. If that happens, we'll take the blocking medicine together."

Men's hands around my waist, hot breath sprayed on my face.

Even though I can feel it through the mask.

Until the man leaned over to kiss my neck and put his forehead on my mask


It hurts!

I'll take a breath of the air conditioner.

Ji Qingxuan is scared to get up immediately, "how?"

"My face hurts." I held my hand to my face and looked aggrieved.

It really hurts.

Ji Qingxuan seems to be aware of what, look dignified looking at me, "in the end what's going on?"


I'm silent. I really don't have the courage to tell Ji Qingxuan about my possible disfigurement.

What if he knew.

I don't know what it's going to look like under the bandage right now.

When I hesitated, Ji Qingxuan's mobile phone rang. The man took out his mobile phone and took a look, then went out to pick it up.

About five minutes later, he came back.

Behind him, followed by a man.