The gauze completely covered my left face, as well as the bridge of my nose, leaving only the nostril.

Maybe it's to prevent infection. The gauze is tightly wrapped, which makes my face a little deformed.

My hand stroked the gauze, gently pressed and even felt pain!

What does this look like below?

I can't help but wonder.

Is it ugly?

I was suddenly very afraid that Ji Qingxuan would see me like this.

Go out to find the nurse desk to a mask, in a hurry to take, just want to go back to the ward, see Ji Qingxuan from the elevator down.

The man was wearing a silver suit without a tie. The top button of the shirt inside was untied.

I haven't seen him for a few days. He is still so energetic.

He soon saw me.

Although I wore a mask, I could only cover the bandage on my cheek, but the bandage on my nose was still exposed.

"What happened to your face?"

Ji Qingxuan quickly walked up to me and stretched out his hand.

I thought he was going to take off my mask, so I stepped back, put my hand on the mask, lowered my head and said, "go to my ward."

Ji Qingxuan came to the ward with me and apologized, "sorry, I'm too busy these days and I didn't notice your situation. How did you stay in hospital? What's the problem? Do you need to transfer to another hospital? "

I shook my head, my hands covering my mask and the bandage on my nose.