Qin Zhaozhi immediately said, "with the current market, not to mention two years, ten years is enough."

"We certainly can't turn around to the point where we can easily get a million dollars a month in two years."

One for two.

Clear position -

no money.

My heart is cold.

"Or so." Qin Zhaozhi looked at Qin Zhaomin, "transfer your mother to another hospital! Transfer to a second class a hospital, where the price of ICU is certainly not so high, and then we will hire a more expensive nursing worker. "

Ha ha, their abacus is good.

I pay for hospitalization, they pay for nursing.

A month's money for a nurse is only two days' hospital expenses.

But I have no choice. I don't want Qin Ci to be taken off the ventilator so early.

Qin Zhaozhi agreed with this point of view.

Two people immediately began to make a phone call, finalized a sacred heart hospital not far from the second class a hospital.

Here ICU plus others, about 5K yuan a day.

Compared with the sacred heart, one heaven and one earth.

The next day, they transferred Qin Ci to another hospital.

I've seen it in the past. It's really incomparable with the sacred heart. It can even be described in two simple words, but I have no choice.

Only here, I have no worries.

On Sunday, I contacted the moving company to move.

Although the new home is small, I feel very warm.

Because it is managed by a professional apartment company, the room is very clean, and I don't even have to clean it.

Last time in the resort, I saw the painting of Mou Xiangli, which touched me deeply.

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