After getting off the plane, I found that there were very few call records in my mobile phone.

Besides Jiang Qin's, it's from the real estate company.

I first called Jiang Qin and told him about the situation in recent days, then I called the real estate company.

They were moved to cry when they got my call.

Many people have seen the house.

One of them said it would pay in full immediately.

This is definitely the best.

I made an appointment with the agency when I could. After the agency hung up, I contacted the buyer who was willing to pay the full amount.

I'll get back to you soon. I've got a time.

When I got home, I put down my luggage, changed my clothes and went out to the agency.

When I got to the agency, I saw a familiar person as soon as I went in.

Blue spring.

How could she be here, not

When I was confused, the intermediary came to say hello to me, "Miss Qin, you are here. I'll introduce you. This is the buyer, Ms. LAN."

Yancheng is so big and there are so many people. I never thought that the person who wants to buy my house is Lanquan.

Blue spring also has some accidents, "Miss Qin, is it you who want to sell the house?"

"Well." I nodded.

When the agent met us, he immediately said, "Oh, do you know each other? That's great. Let's go and see the house now

Let's go to my house together.

Blue spring is also the same as before, a lady dress, behavior is I can not match the elegant.

On the way, he asked me, "Miss Qin, the plot of this community is good, the property is good, and the house type is scientific. Almost no one sells the house. After consulting for a long time, no one sells it. Why do you want to sell it?"

"I need money badly."

LAN Quan has a gentle personality and a gentle voice, giving people a feeling of being easy to get close to.

She asked me, and I didn't hide it.


Blue spring did not continue to ask.

In an awkward atmosphere, I asked, "is Miss LAN buying a house for investment?"

"Investment? No, I have a... " When LAN Quan said this, he seemed to think for a while before saying, "cousin, I've been abroad all the time, and I have plans to go back to China in recent years. I'm afraid he doesn't have a suitable place to live when he comes back, so I'll find one for him first."

There is no suitable place to live, so look for one first.

This is not like talking about a ten million real estate.

It's like talking about a rental or a bag.

However, it's all other people's business. What I have to do is to get more than 10 million.

We got to the house.

Blue spring first saw the suitcase in the corner and asked me, "Miss Qin still lives here?"

"No! I'll move out in a few days. "

I thought LAN Quan would mind.

Unexpectedly, she said, "my cousin won't come back in the near future. Even if I buy it, Miss Qin doesn't have to rush to move."

When the agent heard this, he was even more happy. "Oh, an acquaintance is a good talker."

Although LAN Quan said so, I can't do it, "I'll move as soon as possible."

Because the buyer is blue spring, so very smooth.

I don't want any furniture, and there is no dispute. Lanquan paid the money immediately. We signed the contract and went to the real estate bureau to transfer the ownership in the afternoon.

When LAN Quan left, the agent helped me contact a hotel apartment rental company.

There is just one room and one living room vacant. Although the price is a little higher, the furniture is complete and the water and electricity network is well managed. As long as it is paid monthly, it is OK.

It's more convenient than ordinary B & B.

I kept working on the house and decided to move on Sunday.

After a day's rest, I went to work the next day. I found Tang Ruo in the company's address book and called her. Her phone was turned off.

At this time, Deng Qi called me to his office.

He said with satisfaction, "Qin Jiaqi, I thought you were going to be the bottom, but I didn't expect you to get the third place. It's good, it's good!"

I exchanged a few greetings with him and asked, "Mr. Deng, can I ask you what's the number of Tang Ruo? According to the number in the company's address book, it shows that it is empty. "

"Tang Ruo?" Deng Qi felt her chin and thought, "I heard that she seems to have retired from the competition, and then she quit when she came back."


"Yes, I saw their boss. I'm very sorry about this." Speaking of him, Deng Qi looked at me full of gossip, "what happened to you there? How did she come back early and quit?"

"Nothing." I'm not worth it for Don.

I won't say more about her.

Because I handed over the company before, and now I'm going to talk about customers again. I'm still at leisure.I look at 14 million in my account.

After careful calculation, Qin CI spent more than 20000 yuan a day on hospitalization expenses plus ventilator and nursing expenses.

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