After getting off the plane, I found that there were very few call records in my mobile phone.

Besides Jiang Qin's, it's from the real estate company.

I first called Jiang Qin and told him about the situation in recent days, then I called the real estate company.

They were moved to cry when they got my call.

Many people have seen the house.

One of them said it would pay in full immediately.

This is definitely the best.

I made an appointment with the agency when I could. After the agency hung up, I contacted the buyer who was willing to pay the full amount.

I'll get back to you soon. I've got a time.

When I got home, I put down my luggage, changed my clothes and went out to the agency.

When I got to the agency, I saw a familiar person as soon as I went in.

Blue spring.

How could she be here, not

When I was confused, the intermediary came to say hello to me, "Miss Qin, you are here. I'll introduce you. This is the buyer, Ms. LAN."

Yancheng is so big and there are so many people. I never thought that the person who wants to buy my house is Lanquan.

Blue spring also has some accidents, "Miss Qin, is it you who want to sell the house?"

"Well." I nodded.

When the agent met us, he immediately said, "Oh, do you know each other? That's great. Let's go and see the house now

Let's go to my house together.

Blue spring is also the same as before, a lady dress, behavior is I can not match the elegant.